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Friday, October 1, 2010

Master Cleanse, Day 1.

I love and approve of myself. Other people support and love me. I freely give love and trust.

This is my affirmation for this week.

Without going into all the sordid details, I’ll say that the past few months have been a time of transition and change for me. I have moved my residence yet again, and changed marital status and jobs, and some of my relationships have morphed too. It has been a time of letting go, and also a time of letting new things in. Not only have I neglected my physical health a little bit during this time, but I have not taken the best care of myself emotionally, and there is now a bit of literal and figurative baggage to shed. So, I have decided to do the Master Cleanse for the second time.

I skipped the salt water flush this morning because I slept in and I don’t have two hours to sit around the house waiting for it to work. I will probably do it this evening at bedtime, and then only once or twice more during the next 10 days. I find it almost intolerable. I can drink my tea morning and night instead. Now, I am off to drink my first quart of lemonade and take the kids and dog to the park.

6 pm: I’m really hungry now. But for the time being, I’m ok with it. The next 10 days are not just about detoxing and the health benefits that go along with that, but, as I said back in January when I did this the first time, they are about getting out of my body a little bit, going beyond what the body wants, getting in touch with the spiritual, mental, and emotional, and getting beyond that “baggage” to make a fresh start. There are many, many things I have to look forward to, but the path has become a little blurry, and this 10 day period is about making it clearer. That is how I feel right now, but as I know from experience, an hour from now I may be a raging bitch, and that is part of the process!

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Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day said...

You can do it!!

If I was there, I'd do it with you. I know I don't have the self control to do it myself.