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Friday, December 25, 2009

I feel like crap. I was going to start the Master Cleanse on January 1 (not because of the new year thing, but because that’s the next time I have four days off in a row. However, I feel like I am in a health crisis of sorts, and I am anxious to get started. I have not eaten as badly as I have in holidays past, but I am older and heavier and at the edge of all sorts of health issues creeping up. I can feel them there, waiting. Last night’s food and drink left me feeling heavy, bloated, and full of excess “crap”. I thought about starting the cleanse today, but realized that I had nowhere to get lemons today, since everything is closed. I am working tonight, but tomorrow…tomorrow morning when I get up, I will go to Harris Teeter and buy up all of their organic lemons.

I feel the need for a major “house cleaning”. This is not just a physical thing for me. It’s very spiritual as well. Today, I woke up, a spiritual being living in this body and this life that I created. Whatever got me to this point does not matter. I chose EVERYTHING, and I have the rest of my life ahead of me. I will take what I have been given (which is actually what I created), and I will do the best I can with it from this day forward. As of right now, I am in possession of a fairly healthy but overweight 40 year old body. I am in possession of a sharp mind. I have love. I will clean up what needs cleaning up, and I will live my values. I will be a shining example of human potential, and I will help anyone who asks for it to do the same. This is what I want for the next 60 years of my life.

While at work tonight, I plan to finish reading my Master Cleanse book, and tomorrow…Day 1.

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