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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am 2/3 of the way through the work week (2 of 3 12-hour night shifts), and so far it's been a nice, slow week. We've had one mom and baby couplet on the whole unit for the past two nights, which has given me plenty of time to research my interest-of-the-week online. This week it's the raw food lifestyle. I dabbled with it earlier this year, during my vegan stint. For the past two days I have eaten about 80% raw, mostly green smoothies and fresh fruits and veggies. I like the way I feel when I eat this way, but as someone who loves good food (last week my interest was learning to bake all varieties of bread in my own kitchen), I'm not sure that pure raw is sustainable long-term for me. However, I stumbled across information on the Master Cleanse, and I think I'm going to do it after Christmas. I plan on journaling through the 10 day cleanse here, so stay tuned.

2009 has been a challenging year, and the challenges had nothing to do with my turning 40. I have heard that there is usually much pain just before a period of great spiritual and/or personal growth, and I am excited about what 2010 may have in store for me. 2009 has been a bad blogging year, and I intend to do better in the coming months at chronicling this time in my life. My 11-year-old son told me just a couple of weeks ago, "Mom, you should write a book about your life." When I asked him why, he said because he wants to read it when he grows up. If nothing else, at least he may gain some interesting insight by reading this blog, and another private diary that I've been keeping online for the past 7 years.

I'm rambling now. I'm coming to the end of my work night, and I just wanted to come here and break my blogging stalemate. I'll end this with a promise to write more soon, and a couple of pictures from the past month. We have been living on the Outer Banks for three months now, and I've taken a ton of photographs. Another thing I intend to do in 2010 is enjoy this time "living at the beach".

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