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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life in pictures.

A corner of the garden...swiss chard, zucchini, petunias, marigolds, carrots...


The bees really love the mint, which is taking over the flower bed and flowering like crazy.

I don't know what's growing faster...the boy or the 'maters.

Or the sunflower.

Cherry tomatoes..

And a happy dog face...(4-month-old Ruby)

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Emily said...

Hi Cosmic Mama! I just got your comment over at Bossy.

Your garden is gorgeous! And your family is cute too (especially your son and dog). Squarefoot gardening is awesome. We don't do it, but I've read the book to get ideas.

I will reply to your comment over at Bossy if you'd like. ;-)

Have a great day!