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Saturday, March 14, 2009

What happened to spring?

I am a little dismayed at the return of the cold, rainy North Carolina winter-like weather. I am waiting on some corner brackets to come in the mail from Gardeners.com so I can build two raised beds in the yard. I have such an itch to get my hands dirty this year! I have been gardening in Earthboxes for the past five years or so, but last year it became clear that they were no longer big enough for my gardening dreams. This year will be my first venture into raised-bed gardening, or square foot gardening, as gardening legend Mel Bartholomew coined it. I will be posting pictures of each step as I go through the process of building, filling, and then planting my gardening beds! I'm so excited!

Another thing I'm excited about is....well, I'm not going to tell you yet. Let me just say that I am awaiting the second coolest thing I've ever received in the mail! The #1 coolest thing ever was of course...

My bees! I remember the postmaster calling me on the phone, "Um, Jennifer......we have some BEES up here for you. You're going to have to come pick them up." Apparently my mail carrier didn't want them in her vehicle! It was a thrill to pick up this humming, vibrating, writhing box of bees from the post office.

I didn't bring my bees with me when I moved to town a couple of years ago...but I'm about to get something else that will be much less offensive to the neighbors. Stay tuned!

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