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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm a sucker for a cute face.

We're in the midst of several days of warm spring rain, so I look forward to soon having some pictures to post of new seedlings in the garden. I have broccoli and cabbage transplants out there, in additional to several squares of seeded veggies. I think I saw a little bit of green in the kale patch today.

I had a bit of trouble in the beginning keeping the stray cats from next door (a vacant house) from digging in the garden and using it as their litter box. It didn't take but a couple of days before I was fed up, and I bought a Spray Away motion-activated sprinkler to keep them out. It doesn't always go off when it's supposed to, but all-in-all, the cats seem to be slightly afraid of the garden now.


I've had serious puppy-lust for quite some time now, but I denied myself (and my kids, who don't have a whole lot of fun with our 14-year-old Toy Manchester Terrier, Rocky) the pleasure in the name of "sensibility". However today, on an innocent trip to Walmart for bagged spinach, there was a little girl by the entrance with a "FREE PUPPIES" sign. Upon inspection, I was faced with the cutest little black lab-mix puppy faces, and I couldn't resist. They had been sitting in the 80-ish degree heat in the parking lot all day, five of the little chubby dears in a dark blue Rubbermaid bin. They were tired and thirsty and forlorn-looking, so I rescued one.

She doesn't have a name yet. I think we are all in love with her.

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