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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Photo of the day.

I was thinking while riding in the car today that I would start posting an occasional photo. Then again, maybe it will just be this one, and I’ll forget it. Anyway, I got a new camera last week, to replace my old Canon SD550. I got a Canon SD870IS. Still a point-and-shoot, but takes darn good pictures.

I was inspired to stop and take a picture of this tree today. I love oak trees, and I particularly love this one. I’ve passed by and admired it hundreds of times. In a few weeks, when it is full of new leaves, the profile won’t be the same. I like this one bare, against the sky like this, out in the middle of nowhere. I like the way the conifer to the right seems to be admiring it’s naked beauty. I caught this between rain showers, so the road is wet.

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