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Monday, March 2, 2009

Designing my life

I am reading Bob Doyle’s “Wealth Beyond Reason”, and have gotten to the part where I am supposed to write down what I want. The text instructs the reader to write down exactly, in detail, what he or she wants. The purpose of doing so is to get “into a vibration that is in resonance with HAVING those things that you are writing down”…so, instead of writing, “I want a new car”, we are instructed to write “I have a new car”. Then we are to go a step further. We are to express emotion in our words, thus shifting the vibration from wanting the car to being that we already have the car. (The car just being an example, of course).

So, first I brainstormed and wrote down 12 things that I want. Then, I went back and imagined myself already having those things, and felt the feelings that would be associated with having those things. I wrote details and emotions, and I have to admit, writing the list and imagining having the things felt really, really good.

Here’s my list: (incomplete and scattered, as is the nature of brainstorming)

1. I feel so free. I wake up each day rejuvenated and excited for the day ahead. I know that each day is mine to do what I want and go where I want to go, with no obligations. The things that I must do that are planned or scheduled are things that bring me joy and make me feel like I am contributing something wonderful to the world. Each day is an adventure, and my children are growing into wonderful people who will know that there are no limitations to what they can do, have, and be in their lives. I feel that I am living my life to its fullest potential.

2. I feel light, energetic, and strong. I feel ageless, and I love my body.

3. Whenever I step into my new, beautiful class-A motorhome, I am happy knowing that we have a comfortable home on wheels in which to explore this vast continent of ours. We love to get into our RV and drive without a set plan or destination, stopping along the way to see all sorts of interesting things and places.

4. I love old houses. Old houses have souls. I love to take old houses that are sad and neglected, and bring them back to their original splendor. It makes the houses happy, and gives them a whole new life. People love restored houses and will pay top dollar for them too, which is another way that I can improve the world we live in while making a very nice income.

5. My family and I love to travel the world. Soon, we are going to tour Europe for a whole summer. We also have made plans to visit Egypt, take an African safari, take extended vacations in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific. We are also planning on spending a summer in Asia. We love the ocean, and take many luxury cruises. I feel so free and happy when visiting new places. It is wonderful to meet new people from all over the world.

6. The older I get, the more I want to learn. I get excited when I think of all the things that I’ve yet to learn. Each new thing that I learn makes me feel more enriched and complete. I have learned to speak Spanish and French. I have learned to play the guitar and the piano, and also have taken voice lessons. It makes me so happy to sit with my family and friends and play music and sing together. Music is so good for the soul. I have learned advance web design and have many successful websites now that bring me a passive income. I finally learned many advanced photography techniques, and now I can take pictures like a professional. I love to take pictures of the different places that I travel and post them on my travel blog. I feel that my mind keeps expanding with each new thing I learn.

7. I constantly amaze myself with how creative I am. In addition to my photography, I am a prolific blogger, and I have many regular readers who find my writing entertaining and refreshing. I am working on my third book, and I find the words come easily when I sit down to write. I feel so blessed to be a gifted writer. I am even starting to write some songs. I have found that I am good at promoting our town, and the community hub that we have created is a huge success. People have said that it’s like no other place they have ever been.

8. I have a 100 acre farm here in eastern NC, and when I feel like a quick trip back to nature, this is where I go. I feel so capable when I can catch my own dinner in the river there. We have chickens, which are free-range, and we sell organic eggs to many people and businesses in the county. We also have goats, and make the best organic goat cheese. We grow many organic fruits and vegetables in the summer, and also have a large beekeeping operation. The farm is self-sustaining, paying its own expenses and payroll for our farm employees by selling it’s organic eggs, produce, honey, and cheese to people for many miles around. We have established quite a reputation for ourselves, and even give tours of our farm to school children from the area. We have a hayride which is very popular. I have wonderful, dependable employees that run the farm for me, so I never have to worry about things when I’m away, which is most of the time.

9. I also own the only health food store in our town, which in addition to the normal health food store fare, sells items from our farm. We have a large room in back where we sometimes have classes on nutrition and cooking. It gives me great joy to offer this to our community, and many people have said that they regained their health after attending some of our programs and classes.

10. As much as I love to travel, I am also very content and happy in my home. My dream home…a fully restored Victorian on the town common. Sitting on my front porch, sipping tea, looking out across the beautiful town common, I feel like I am on a permanent vacation. My home is wonderful for entertaining our many friends, which I love to do on a weekly basis. From our house we can hear the Symphony when it plays on the common each spring. I feel so happy and blessed to live in such a beautiful old home in such a peaceful, happy town.

11. My home away from home is a four bedroom oceanfront house on the Outer Banks of NC. I have loved the ocean since I was a small child. Sitting on the deck of my house listening to the waves and watching the dolphins swim by, I feel most at peace.

12. It makes me happiest of all to see the men that my children are becoming, and knowing that I was and am able to provide them with so much love, adventure, and happiness in their lives. They know that their are no limits to what they can achieve, and I feel that these three loving, intelligent people are my greatest gift to the world.

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