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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VD, and my trip to Ohio.

My husband is out singing karaoke with the gang tonight, as is our custom on the 2nd Saturday of every month...but I am home with a sick baby. Seth has never been sick in his life for more than 12 hours, but he has had a fever, cough, sore throat, and cold symptoms for 3 days. I looked at his throat...his tonsils weren't enlarged and no white spots. I listened to his lungs...clear as a bell. I'm hoping it's the viral crap that's been going around and not strep.

We had a fabulous time in Ohio.

Before I left, I was a basket case. I'd been having chest pain and palpitations for a couple of weeks, and the day before I left, my blood pressure was 150/107 when I checked it at Walmart. I was battling extreme fatigue, anxiety, various aches and pains....I thought I was dying. I looked Michael in the eye and said "I think something is seriously wrong with me". I almost called off the trip because I was afraid that I was going to be alone with my children 700 miles from home and something was going to happen to me.

I'm pretty sure it was all in my head.

I thoroughly enjoyed the drive through western Pennsylvania. There was snow on the ground, and the mountain were stark brown and white against a blue sky. It was cool to be in Punxsutawney on Groundhog's Day, even though most of the fun stuff was over by the time we got there.

On Monday, we arrived in Sandusky. It was bitter cold and there was about two feet of snow on the ground, which I assume is normal for the Lake Erie region. I tried to relax and take it easy. I was exhausted Monday night and Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon I decided to quit chasing my children around the indoor waterpark, instead opting to lounge beside the wave pool with my iPod. I started listening to Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" on audiobook again, since I had never given it a good listen the first time around. As I listened, I watched all the happy kids in the park...all the unbridled, untamed, laughing, free-spirited unschoolers. I watched parents smiling and hugging and respecting and interacting with their kids. I started to feel better.

By Wednesday, I was a new woman. I went to a raw foods demonstration given by an awesome, unschooled young woman (17) named Bethany Hagensen. I had actually started chatting with her on Facebook the night before, and it was really cool to meet her face to face and talk to her. As she was telling us her story at the demo, she mentioned a book that got her started on her path to healing. It was Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life". It was a cool coincidence.

I felt so good that I let the children stay at the park on Friday until the sun went down. I felt so good that I got in my car that night and drove 700 miles all the way home without stopping, except for gas. I missed my husband and I wanted to pick up my life where I left off.

So, for 10 days now, I have been eating at least 50% raw food everyday. I have been having green smoothies daily, and I have not had any caffeine, and very little sugar. I feel so much better. My blood pressure is still 130/80-ish, but I am confident that it will continue to improve. I have been having signs of prediabetes and an underactive thyroid for months now, and I'm hoping I can fix those things with good nutrition (and the inevitable weight loss that should follow).

I am trying really hard to love and take care of myself.

"All is well in my world".

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