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Friday, March 7, 2008

What are YOU passionate about?

For me…

1. Freedom! Of all kinds. No, I don’t mean the kind our troops are fighting for. I mean the kind that our government tries to steal from us every day. “He who is willing to sacrifice freedom for safety deserves neither freedom nor safety.” - Ben Franklin

2. Coffee. No, not that crap you buy from Starbucks, or the “gourmet” stuff from the grocery store. I mean the kind that I roast in my own kitchen and brew in a press pot.

3. Birth. Not the hospital variety, but birth the way Mother Nature intended.

4. Breastfeeding.

5. Attachment parenting…kinda goes along with #4. Babies aren’t meant to sleep alone in cribs, for example.

6. Self-sufficiency. Everyone should have it. It’s a bad position to be in, having to depend on the government or another person for your survival.

7. Feminism. The radical notion that women are people, you know.

8. Books and the Internet, which are an endless source of information. Learning is lifelong. I’ve learned more since I was 30 than I EVER did in school!

9. Freedom. It deserves to be mentioned again. Religious freedom. Sexual freedom. Freedom to do anything we damn well please, as long as it isn’t directly hurting someone.

10. Unschooling…which to me, is a mixture of several of the above. Learning in freedom, being self-sufficient, keeping the family together (attachment parenting), and thinking for ourselves! Unschooling just seems like the natural thing for us to do.

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