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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Note from the Universe.

Don’t you think it should work like this:

You have a desire, you dwell upon it, move with it, and presto, it manifests?

Or, you fall in love at the right time, with the right person, they fall in love, the timing is perfect, and bingo, the earth moves.

Or, you have a huge question, you turn it over to me, forget about it, and ta-da, you just know.

Me, too. Which, actually, is exactly how it does work, Jennifer, in the absence of fear.

Cool, huh?
The Universe

This is from the daily email I get from Tut’s Adventurer’s Club, which is the website of Mike Dooley. Mike was one of the stars of The Secret and author of Notes from the Universe: New Perspectives from an Old Friend.

I get these every morning, and sometimes they are right on target. Such was todays “note”. Last night my husband and I toured a local coffee shop that is for sale. Owning a cafe is one of those dreams that both of us have held in the back of our psyches for a long time. Michael loves food, it is his passion, and he has always wanted to make his living with food in some way. I love food too, but I am passionate about coffee. I roast my own beans at home in small batches, sometimes sharing them with my family and friends. I have said many times that I would love to own a coffee shop/ bookstore here in the gorgeous downtown area of our town. I suppose nursing is a dignified profession, but I am a dreamer and a free spirit, and punching a timeclock just ain’t my bag.

Anyway, we had the desire, we’ve both dwelled upon from time to time, and when we heard the place was for sale, we talked about it, dwelling upon it some more. Finally, we picked up the phone and called (moving with it). The ball is rolling now, with the biggest obstacle that we can see being financing. Our family will continue visualizing, and we will see!

Notes from the Universe.
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