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Monday, February 18, 2008

Got Milk? MilkSucks.com

While surfing the ‘net tonight, I came across a website called Milksucks.com. I’ve been hearing about the cons of dairy products for a couple of years now. I’ve even bought soy milk from time to time. (I enjoy it, but my family doesn’t.) As the mother of young boys, I’ve had a hard time getting on the anti-dairy bandwagon. My boys are picky eaters, and try as I might to get them to eat better, they just enjoy processed crap more. One of the few supposedly healthy things I can get them to eat are dairy products…milk, cheese, and most recently, yogurt. If I don’t give them dairy products, where will they get their calcium and vitamins?

The boys were breastfed (the youngest for four years), and I understand the detrimental effects of giving cow’s milk to a baby. After all, human milk is for baby humans, cow’s milk is for baby cows. But am I supposed to lactate forever? Would it be better for my 10-year-old to put “mommy milk” on his Fruit Loops? Well, I’m sure it would be…but I digress. Do my kids really need dairy products?

According to the website, “Dairy products are linked to allergies, constipation, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.”

“They are contaminated with cow’s blood and pus and are frequently contaminated with pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.” Well, what about organic dairy products? Surely they would solve some of these issues.

On the website, Milksucks.com, the ill effects of dairy products on humans, animals, and the environment are spelled out, along with information on adopting a dairy-free diet. I’m all for giving this a try, but my concerns are:

1. How will I get my children to eat soy products? And will that be bad for them too? I’ve also read not-so-nice things about soy.

2. How will this way of eating affect my food budget? It’s a damn shame that in this country, good food is more expensive than bad food. No wonder the poor have more health problems than the rich (not that I’m either, I just don’t want to have to spend half my income on healthy food). The closest health food store is 20 miles from my house, and I haven’t even been there. There is no food co-op here either (which is another topic for another post). Not only is healthy, natural food expensive, it is almost inaccessible.

The more I delve into this (food) subject, the more horrified I become. You know that food pyramid that you learned about in health class? Here’s one that is representative of the ACTUAL way that Americans eat.

Edit: After further research, I have come to the conclusion that people do not need dairy, nor do they need to replace it with soy (which is also highly processed and may cause it's own set of health problems, such as hypothyroidism). Think about this: Not only does no other species on earth drink the milk of another species, no other species on earth drinks milk after infancy either. What makes humans any different? And what makes cow's milk the milk of choice? I say it is just programming. Would you be opposed to drinking gorilla milk? Probably so, but gorillas are more like us than cows are. Think about it.

Now if only cheese didn't taste so damn good.

Note: Milksucks.com is brought to you by PETA. Not a good thing, not a bad thing…just know that their point of view may not be impartial.

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