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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lazy blogger.

I’m a bad, bad, very bad blogger. I never write in my blog! I have been very busy. Working three nights a week. Michael got his real estate license finally, and is working with a local firm, and I’ve been helping him market himself. I’ve built a website too….originally for the purpose of marketing Michael, but it’s becoming more than that. I’m already getting the word out locally, and John’s (my ex, Seth’s dad) company is interested in advertising with us to expand their business out here. He works for a company that installs solar and radiant heating systems in houses. I can feel the momentum building and I’m getting really excited about it.

Another thing I’m getting excited about is the Live and Learn Conference. Woo hoo!! Next week in Black Mountain, NC. Michael can’t go due to his blossoming business, so it will just be Seth, Drew, and me….which may be a good thing. I’m thinking that since this is the first year I’m going totally alone (the first year in St. Louis I shared a room with my friend Angela from Colorado), I will be more motivated to mingle and socialize. I do tend to keep to myself. I hope to break that tradition this year.

So, we’re spending tomorrow at Lake Gaston, then I have two more nights of work. A quick nap on Wednesday morning before the five hour drive to Black Mountain. I’m so psyched!

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