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Thursday, June 7, 2007


I sold the honeybees back in January, while it was cold and the hive could be moved. A nice young couple from Raleigh came and picked them up. The woman had wanted bees for a long time and they were excited to be getting them. I sold them and all my equipment for a song. I miss them, and I wonder if I didn’t sell a little piece of myself along with them.

I closed on the new house on May 21. I moved into it because the house that I had been trying to buy for us to live in since January just wasn’t working out. This one turned out to be perfect for us in many ways, so even though it was supposed to be an investment, we are now living in it. I am busy as hell, trying to get this new place straightened out, and having a zillion things to do to the old house before it is rentable. I’m still not done moving yet. You just never know how much junk you own til you get ready to move it.

I said goodbye to my old bed tonight, because we got a new one. Two of my children were conceived on that bed. I got high on that bed. I had the lowest times of my life on that bed. I had the best sex of my life on that bed. I slept like a baby on that bed, and I had nightmares on that bed. It has been my bed for 12 years. It was a hand-me-down from my mother.

This weekend, I will be painting over the doorway where I have been marking my children’s growth in Sharpie for the past four years.

I have lots of memories in that house….the first that was ever my own. I have traded it for a five-minute commute to work, a tree-lined dead-end street with nice neighbors, and a closet that is bigger than my bathroom.

I’m getting hitched in 34 days. Yikes.

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