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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let meow't, or I love my cats...


the gifts they leave for me are just disgusting.

A month or so ago, I got tired of my darling felines waking us up several times a night because they wanted to be let in or out of our bedroom window. So, I got this thing, Letmeow’t. I mounted it in a window in the living room.

It took them a few days to figure out that they could get in and out of it, but since they did, things have been great. They stopped scratching at the bedroom window so much, and when they did we would just open it, squirt them with water, and they would run away. After a while they got the hint that they couldn’t come in that way anymore. The best thing is, they rarely ever use the litter box anymore, which means I rarely have to clean it.

In the past couple of days though, I have found a huge drawback to Letmeow’t. It allows the kitties to bring anything they want into the house with them.

A couple of days ago Easter brought a lizard in the house. It was dead by the time I found out. It’s tail was gone too, and I haven’t found that part yet.

Ok, the lizard wasn’t so bad.

I have a lady coming today to look at my house, because I am going to rent it out after we move (whenever that may be, we have hit every snag you can think of in our house-buying escapades. Well, not every snag. The roadblocks have nothing to do with my credit or money situation, and everything to do with the seller’s Jerry-Springer-like divorce proceedings and a slow-ass Southern lawyer). Michael and I did some hardcore heavy-duty cleaning for about four hours last night. The house is spotless.

This morning, he was getting ready for work and he came back into the bedroom and said, “You don’t even want to know what’s lying in the middle of the living room floor”.

“Poop?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “Poop would be like winning the lottery compared to this…….
“Let’s put it this way, Joey did his part last night to control the local rabbit population”.

Joey had brought in a young, small wild rabbit…probably a baby. I’m saying that because of the size of the pile of parts that was on the floor. There was no face. Hell, there was nothing but a pile of fur and guts. Tufts of bunny hair all over the living room, and a puddle of fresh blood. The only way we could identify it was because a strip of fur had ears on it. It was like a chupacabra had gotten ahold of it.

My darling Michael swept up the remains, and I scrubbed up the pile of blood. Joey sat back with a “meow” and a look on his handsome, sweet little face that said, “Aren’t I the best kitty in the whole entire world?”

I tell ya…Joey will run and hide at loud noises, sudden movements, or if you just look at him too hard. But he is a killing machine. I’m not too sure about the Letmeow’t right now.

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