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Friday, April 6, 2007

Cloth diapering tips and tricks.

Cloth Diapering Tips and Tricks
by Charlise Grisham of Richardson, Texas

Here are some cloth diapering tip and tricks I have learned in my CD’ing journey!! There are also some of my favorite links below!

Get a box of flushable liners! They catch poo to keep it off your diaper, then you just flush it away! :o ) Just make sure you get the flushable liners!! You can find them on ebay!! Also, if the poo & liner gets stuck to baby’s butt; instead of peeling off the liner and leaving the poo, use a cloth wipe to make the liner “grab and wipe” most of the poo off, then you get less poo on your wipes!

One tip on making your own wipes (like from flannel receiving blankets) is to make sure you zig zag stitch or serge the edges or they will fray like MAD when you wash them! LOL I made that mistake!! :o P Or, you could even use baby wash cloths from the dollar store! You could also cut up fleece (which doesn’t fray, or any other material (just make sure to finish the edges!).


To wash:

I run a cold cycle, just water. Then a hot wash w/ Allen’s Naturally detergent, then another cold cycle with 5 drops of tea tree oil. Throw them in the dryer and DONE! If you wanted, you could easily hang dry everything outside or use the dryer to dry your inserts and put your pockets in front of a fan to dry.


I use a diaper champ w/ a wetbag as a liner. Just pull the bag out, dump it in the wash, and wash everything together!


The sun is a natural bleach. If you get any stains, lay your dipes stain up outside in the sun. You can even use some lemon juice to speed up the process!


You can make your own wipe solution! Get a spray bottle and put in:

2 cups of water

2 tablespoons of baby wash/shampoo

2 tablespoons of baby oil

3-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil

3-5 drops of any other essential oil you like (calendula, lavender, etc) {optional}

Here is a link for other optional ingredients and other recipes!



When you are done washing and drying your pocket dipes, always stuff them before you put them away. This is so much easier to handle with a squirmy baby so you can just slap it on and go!


Always carry a wetbag in the diaper bag for dirty dipes and wipes!


Don’t let your diapers sit for more than 3 days without being washed, or at least sitting/soaking in the washer or they will get FUNKY and could get moldy/mildewy! YUK!!


And here are the links…



Reprinted with exclusive permission from the author.

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