Welcome to my Universe!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Shadow World.

So, Seth is telling me about his super powers. He tells me, “I can sense things”.

He tells me that when he closes his eyes and gets really still, he can visit the “Shadow World”. He says that’s where people’s spirits go, but not their bodies. “But”, he says, “if you see me with my eyes closed when I’m visiting the Shadow World, don’t touch me or talk to me or you’ll bring me back to my body”.

He said he saw my spirit there once. When I asked him what it looked like, he said, “It looked like you, only it didn’t have a face”. I asked him if it had glasses, and he said no. I asked him if it was fat, and he said yes. Ha!

He’s five.

I really hope his spirit doesn’t get squashed in the spirit world. Oh, wait, that’s school that does that. So I guess we’re safe!