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Monday, August 7, 2006


For Chris’ 17th birthday, I bought four Ozzfest tickets. It was in Virginia Beach this past weekend. Michael and I went, and Chris took a friend.

Let me just say, alot has changed since we went 3 years ago. Or rather, I have changed.

I am older now.

We arrived a little after noon. The boys wanted to see the WHOLE day. I only cared about seeing main stage, which didn’t start until after 5 pm. Actually, I only wanted to see Disturbed. The adults and teens parted ways right after we got into the gate, because they wanted to get into the thick of the crowd in front of second stage. Michael and I walked around for an hour and a half and did some people-watching (or freak-watching). It was HOT and we were miserable. I said, “Let’s go out to the car and sit in the A/C for a while. (this was about 1:45). At the gate, there was a sign that said, “No re-entry”. I thought about it for a minute, then said, “Fuck it…I can’t stand this heat all day just to see one band tonight. Let’s go.” Besides, everything I had heard so far all sounded the same, and I wasn’t really into it. Chris and I both had our cell phones, so I called him and told him we were leaving, to keep in touch and I would be back to get him when the show was over or whenever he called to tell me he was ready to go, whichever came first. He had his friend with him so he didn’t really care.

So, Michael and I went to Hardees to sit in the A/C and drink sweet tea. Then we went to the beach.

Ok, let me back up. I must tell the story of the blanket and the bottle top.

The night before we left, I looked at the venue website to see if I could take lawn chairs in, etc. It said that lawn chairs weren’t allowed, but blankets were. Also allowed, one factory-sealed bottle of drinking water per person.

At the gate, I was told, “Due to the nature of this show, blankets are not allowed.” I threw my blanket up against a tree outside the gate, in a pile of blankets thrown there by hundreds of other people who had been misinformed. I had to wonder, is this really just a pile of blankets, or are they weapons of mass destruction? What vile harm did they think was going to come from people bringing blankets into the amphitheater?

Even more puzzling…Michael was told, “take the cap off the bottle”. Ok, maybe they want to make sure it’s sealed, or that it’s really water inside it. Then he was told, “throw the cap inside that trash can right there”. Our bottle of water was allowed, but the cap was not. Apparently plastic water bottle caps are deadly weapons too.

So, we left and I retrieved my blanket from the pile beside the tree. I said, “This is my last Ozzfest. I’m too old for this shit.”

We drove east until we ran into the beach. We took our deadly blanket and sat beside the water, with hundreds of other people. It was very crowded. We stuck our feet in the water, then we laid on our blanket to relax. He said, “This is what were missing the last time we were at the beach.” I vowed to take a blanket next year for us to lay on.

We laid on our sides, facing each other, talking. I finally had the courage to ask him if he was going to want kids. Because, you know, I have to worry about it now or not at all. As I’ve already said, I’m getting older. I’ll be 37 in four weeks. I had been afraid to ask him because I was afraid he was going to say yes. He said he didn’t need that to be fulfilled, so that idea was put to rest. I told him I had been thinking about it and had been afraid to ask him. Phew.

I also told him I had been thinking about marrying him. As in specifics. I described an intimate ceremony on the beach next summer, with just immediate family and my kids there. We talked about dates. I thought Friday, July 13 would be cool, but he’s too superstitious and struck that idea down. I blushed and said that I couldn’t believe I was talking about marriage. Just then, we heard some people cheering and clapping, and we looked to our left just in time to see a couple dressed in white kissing while a cheering crowd looked on. While we were talking about getting married on the beach, a wedding was going on just a hundred yards or so from us. Serendipity, again.

So, tentative plans for a simple beach wedding next summer. Me, of all people. I can’t believe it.